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Meet the founders of Seoul Kitten Glow, Leslie and Nicole, two girls from Long Beach, California, who discovered the secrets and rewards of the Far East … Korean skin care.

After extensive research into worldwide beauty products, Leslie and Nicole have developed a profound respect for the Korean culture of skin care. Their mission is to share their discovery, knowledge and excitement with women looking for skin care products that are not only superior but affordable. Meow.

With her 60th birthday approaching, Leslie discovered that the Korean skin care tradition throughout the centuries used natural ingredients, and put the American cosmetic industry to shame. "American cosmetics can be downright dangerous, sometimes using harsh chemicals. Who is minding the store? The Korean skin care industry uses natural ingredients, figuring how to use organic honey, bee pollen, Icelandic moss, etc. Even cactus from the Saharan desert."

Shortly after Leslie started using Korean products, other women were inquiring as to what she was doing for skin care because her skin looked young, fresh, and radiant. She began curating products for her friends and selling them out of the trunk of her car, according to their skin types. On the way home from a workout, Leslie told her friend Nicole about the overwhelming response to the products. It was then they decided this would be a great business to share with woman that had similar types of skin as them. Korean Beauty has been around for a while, but interestingly enough most of their non-Korean friends had never heard of it. None of them had even heard of the term K Beauty, including Nicole. They saw the perfect opportunity to be influencers and with a no guts no glory attitude and decided to jump in head first.

Leslie and Nicole partnered in early 2017 to handle the business of helping their friends but realized that there was huge market for truly exceptional, reasonably priced skin care products.

Every morning, they awaken with a passion for curating top-of-the-line products and making them available to any woman wanting to enhance her personal beauty. “We curate specific product lines, delivering not only effective and affordable products, but products whose creators were thoughtful enough to package appropriate to different moods and needs. Sleek, elegant, hip, clean, modern? It all matters and it’s all available.”

I have never wanted anything to be more successful in my life,” shared Leslie. “It’s not just a business. It’s about changing women’s lives. We want to build self-esteem and confidence. Granted, we are not reinventing the wheel, but we’re elevating women to feel great about themselves. We love seeing women happy, feeling special, and looking amazing.”

Because Korean skin care has a tradition of celebrated reputation, there are constantly innovations with natural ingredients. Leslie and Nicole actively follow Korean bloggers to watch and use what is trending, work one on one with their Korean liaisons to expand and improve their product lines and are constantly searching for the next best thing. They are passionate about following the most recent Korean beauty trends and providing prompt access to their products. “We will always carry holy grail tried and true favorites but hope our followers will see the value in the innovative new products and always be open to changing and adding to their regimes, the exceptional value but supreme quality allows you to experience the new trends without breaking the bank. “

Just like the innovative products we are selling we are light years ahead of the American market, come K beauty with us, no time like the present to get glowing.