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Why buy from Seoul Kitten Glow?

We use re-purposed recycled packaging, how cool is that? So, we may not have those cool fancy boxes but we’re saving the planet, cool fancy boxes are overrated.

We’re super fun, seriously we are, just look at our pictures.

Sometimes we hang out with rock stars. Well Nicole does, I tag along, if she lets me.

We guarantee authenticity, always. No fakes here, just the real deal.

We are a small woman owned business and we belong to a group that supports other women owned businesses and collectives, the future is female, support us and your taking part of a girl boss movement.

We love our customers, read the testimonials, we’re not just selling you products, we believe in what we do and we love seeing the results and hearing your stories.

We started our Company on April Fool’s Day, which is also Nicole’s birthday, just a couple of girls who woke up one day and said, hey this stuff works, we should sell it. It was a complete Elle Woods moment.

We are killing it in the marketplace. Before we went live we had a multitude of pop ups, we bring the best to you by seeing what our customers love.

We curate everything with love and care, we test every single product, if we don’t love something, we make it disappear (well we don’t make it disappear, we just stop selling it)

We are not just online, we have an actual place of business, you can trust us, we promise.