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Thank You Farmer

Thank You Farmer Sun Cream

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Suitable for all skin types, this hydrating, everyday sunscreen imparts much-needed moisture onto thirsty skin.

It’s a broad spectrum sun cream of SPF 50 which protects against UVA {ageing} and UVB {burning} rays. It contains both chemical and physical UV filters and has 5 active ingredients including titanium dioxide. This ingredient is often used in sun screens and is great for use on sensitive, redness-prone skin. It’s also good for use around the eyes, as it is highly unlikely to cause stinging.

Moisturizing enough to hydrate skin while protecting from the powers of the sun with this SPF 50+ sunscreen. Crafted from sulfate-free ingredients, this lightweight, non-sticky formula protects against UVA and UVB rays.

We love the soft and dewy finish, you'll be shouting Good Day Sunshine with this fab formula!